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Easy DIY Home Renovation Projects You Can Do

We spend a lot of our time in our homes, and it is important to create a home and a space that feels like you. Maybe that is warm and homey, or it could be more simple and chill. Whatever you picture your space looking like, it is most important that it feels like you. There is nothing better than making your vision of your dream house come to life.

Some of these major changes to your home may require experienced and knowledgeable professionals. While you may need to hire someone to help make some significant or complex changes, there are a lot of things you can do to give your home a simple, economical, and aesthetic facelift.

Doing these simple things can change the look of your home and help it reflect your personality and vision a little bit more.

What is DIY?

DIY stands for “Do It Yourself,” meaning you take on the challenge of the project and do it without hiring someone else. Often this includes watching YouTube videos, reading books, looking for inspiration on Pinterest, and tackling it without the help of a professional.

Advantages of DIY Renovation Projects

While this can sound intimidating, there are a lot of great resources to use if you tackle the right DIY project. There are also a lot of advantages to doing small projects as a DIY.

DIY projects are often more economical than hiring someone, especially for more straightforward projects. On average, to hire someone to paint a 10x12 foot room can be anywhere from $400-$500. Typically, a normal-sized room will require about 2 gallons of paint, costing anywhere from $15 to $40 per gallon. Painting it yourself can save you around $300. That’s not too shabby!

DIY projects can also be fun and teach you a new skill. Many people find doing DIY projects therapeutic and rewarding as well.

Disadvantages of DIY Renovation Projects

While there are a lot of advantages to doing DIY home renovations, there are also a couple of disadvantages. DIY projects, specifically home renovations, can be very time-consuming and take a lot longer than just hiring someone.

Being knowledgeable and prepared before tackling a DIY home renovation is imperative to success. Your quality of work might not be up to the standard if you had hired someone, meaning it may not turn out as picture-perfect–especially if you attempt a complex project.

Finally, mistakes in DIY may result in your hiring someone anyway to help fix your error.

DIY Projects For Beginners

While some home renovations should be left to the pros, there are others that you can do by yourself. Doing your homework before starting a project will allow you to find success and love the results.

Painting & Wallpaper

Adding a splash of color to your home or changing the current color can change the feel any room. Painting is also one of the most accessible DIY projects because it is simple, straightforward, and has a huge impact.

To start, you will want to head to your local hardware or paint store and grab some paint samples. You can then place these on the wall or walls you are looking to paint and get a feel of the color inside your house. Once you have decided on the perfect color, you need to start the prep.

You will want to prep the walls, get the required tools and materials (paint, paint brushes, drop sheet, tape, good music, snacks, etc.), plan your painting approach, and then start. For a step-by-step video, check out this in-depth tutorial from Home Depot.

You can also add an accent wall with wallpaper if you want to get fancy. Wallpaper used to get a bad rap because it was challenging to hang accurately, but it has gotten a lot more user-friendly and is a great way to add color and pattern to your walls. Here is an excellent tutorial for hanging wallpaper, along with a great place to shop for cute and easy-to-hang wallpaper.

Light Fixtures

We don’t often realize it, but the little accent pieces in our homes make a huge difference in the total aesthetic and vibe. Changing these “builder grade” details into a more personalized and individual piece can enhance the individuality and look of your home.

Something as simple as changing a light fixture really can change how your home feels, and it is something you can do by yourself. For a full tutorial on how to change light fixtures, check out this video.

Changing light fixtures is something you can tackle by yourself, but you also need to do it correctly and carefully. Because light fixtures are connected to electricity, you will want to ensure you go about this safely.

Replacing Flooring

Flooring can sound intimidating, but it is a DIY project you can accomplish if you choose the right flooring.

Like painting, adding or changing the flooring in your home can drastically change the appearance and feel. It makes a huge difference and can be extremely simple, even for novice “DIY-ers.”

Depending on what type of flooring you choose, you will want to research guides and tutorials catered to that flooring. The easiest types of flooring to install by yourself are laminate or vinyl floors. To install vinyl plank floors, check out this tutorial.


When we think about DIY home renovations, we often think of extreme and complicated projects that require tools, knowledge, and a lot of time.

In reality, you can make your home fit your dream aesthetic by simply changing some of the decorations, altering the layout, and adding fun finishing touches.

Doing simple things like adding a rug, reupholstering furniture, thrifting furniture and repainting it, or adding new decorations can help you change the feel of your home.

A specific and easy example of changing your home’s decor is to add a gallery wall. You can find fun picture frames and add pictures of you and your family, landscapes, or aesthetic neutrals. For an awesome tutorial, check out this article.

Starting with these small and simple but impactful DIY projects can give you the confidence you need to take on some of the more challenging but still doable projects.

Shiplap/Board & Batten

If you feel very ambitious, you can take on a more extreme (but still very doable) DIY home project. Shiplap has become very “in” and is very common. Fortunately, it is easy to install and can elevate the look of your home.

While it is one of the more straightforward builds you can do for your home, it still requires planning, tools, and some time to achieve the look you are hoping to accomplish.

Board and batten is also a growing trend that can take a room and turn it into a luxurious space. These DIY home renovations can help make your ceilings appear taller and create an individualized space.

For a how-to for the shiplap wall, check out this video. For board and batten, watch this tutorial before starting.

These projects are both doable but will require some planning before starting. If done correctly, you can change the feel of your space and create something you will be incredibly proud of.

There are hundreds of ways to use these DIY projects; you can utilize Pinterest as a great resource for more ideas.

Projects You Should Leave To a Professional

While many home renovation projects can be done by someone with limited experience, there are some that you should hire someone with experience to take on. Challenging yourself, learning a new skill, and doing projects yourself can be rewarding, but you can end up doing more harm than good if you take on certain renovations.

It is best to hire someone to ensure it is done correctly, safely, and meets the highest standard for complex home renovations. Things like rewiring lights, plumbing, or extensive renovations are best left for someone who has experience.

At Modern Valley Construction, we specialize in helping you make your home into something you love and feel proud of. We want to help you bring your vision to life.

While taking on a large DIY project can seem like a good idea to save money, it can result in a lot of stress. We specialize in extensive kitchen and bathroom remodels. We can also help you with other projects that need to be done timely, safely, and with the highest standard of success. Doing these large remodels by yourself may not be the best bet. It is often better to hire it out to ensure that it is done correctly. Check out this article if you’d like to know more about what to expect before starting a major remodel.

We have over 20 years of experience with remodels, flips, and revamping homes to help them meet the expectation of the owners. To contact us, schedule an appointment, and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you make your home remodel dreams a reality.

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